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Altaiba International was established in 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan. Initially it was a fragrance oil provider. Gradually the store’s products domain expanded over time. We now have all the products to full fill requirments of an Islamic lifestyle. You can call us an Islamic super store. Main categories of our products include Attars and Perfumes (Non-Alcoholic), Hajj and Umrah products, Miswak and Miswak Holder, Tayammum Box, Hijab and Abaya, Natural Honey and Honey Products, and Prayer related products.

We also provide a technological gift for those who want to learn the Noble Quran, ‘Quran Pen’.

All kind of Tibb e Nabwi products are specially available.

Our customers include many of the best and most discriminating health chains and stores in Pakistan and Saudia Arabia, as well as psychologists, stores, dentists, spas, medical doctors etc.!
Email: info@altaiba.com

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