About Our Online Store

AL Taiba International expand its business to all over the world and
provides all convenience relating to the Islamic way of life such as
1. Quran & Authentic Islamic Books
2. Products of Hajj & Umrah
• Ahram for Ladies & Gents
• Ahram Belts & Bags
• Soap & Shampoo (Fragrance-Free)
& Much more Items.
3. Alcohol-free Attariyat
4. Miswak & Miswak Holder
5. Natural Honey & Compounds
6. Natural Oils & Dry Powders
7. Tayammum Box (Dry Ablution)
8. Hijab & Abayas, Islamic Clothing


Hafiz Muhammad Abuzar


Shahid Hussain

Branch supervisor

Iftikhar Ali

Branch Manager

Shafqat Ibraheem

Marketing Executive

Muhammad Imran Jameel

Purchase Manager